When people are confused about what you offer, how it will benefit them, or how they can take action, they’ll likely look past you for another solution that says it more clearly - even if that solution is inferior.

Our storytelling formula addresses 3 critical areas to help ensure your marketing resonates:

  1. Empathy: Most clubs only want to tell their story. But to attract new members your club also needs to play a role in the story of your prospective member. We help you position your club or community to better empathize with prospective members and articulate how the way of life you offer will participate in their transformation.

  2. Emotion: Most clubs only focus on providing solutions to external (rational) problems, but most people are looking for solutions to how those problems make them feel. We help uncover the internal (emotional) concerns that your prospective members face and help them imagine what life could be like when they identify with your club or community.

  3. Excess: Most clubs and communities unnecessarily complicate their website and marketing materials with overwhelming amounts of irrelevant information. We help break your membership marketing into broader strokes delivered in the right sequence and proportion so that people don't tune out.