Membership Marketing

  • Rolling Hills Country Club is a member-owned 501(c)(7) private country club located in an affluent neighborhood in the Los Angeles South Bay, approximately 30 minutes from downtown LA.

  • In 2013, the Club was facing an uncertain future and was contemplating an entirely new vision that contemplated buying out an expiring land lease, and investing in a new clubhouse and golf course.

  • The new vision for the Club was contingent on their ability to generate significant demand and new membership interest in a very short amount of time - without it the project would not be approved and the Club would have been forced to close.

  • The short term goal to gain project support and membership approval was approximately 40 new membership sales.

  • Pipeline worked with Club leadership and management to develop and implement a strategy for building quality interest in the vision for the Club that included targeted digital branding campaigns across social platforms, and email nurturing campaigns that maintained and built interest.

  • From March 2014-15, we generated over 1,200 targeted leads with an interest in learning more about membership, and have converted over 73 new membership sales. Since March 2015, membership sales have continued at a brisk pace with membership pricing increased nearly 4x since our initial engagement.

  • Now, with a 2+ year closure of the golf course and clubhouse underway, there is a wait list to join

  • The Club is now looking forward to a very exciting future, with a new clubhouse and golf course set to open later next year.